"Royal Care Link is the best service I ever had.  They welcomed me with open arms. They would do anything and everything for a person with disabilities.  They are just like family to me.  I don't know what I would do without them. They are a new care company.  Royal Care is awesome.  So when you choose RCL you get quality care.  They enabled me to venture out of my home."  -Coleen

"Simply wonderful people! Ed Mazhangara cares about people and it shows whenever you interact with him."  -Richard R.

"Royal Care Link made a wonderful transition from home to adult independence for Anthony. They were willing to accommodate him with caring staff, and outings to enhance his personal attributes, and personal character at his home and in the community. I could be assured of reliable, competent, willing staffing working with the entire team at Royal Care Link. Royal Care Link has definitely completed my aspirations of independence for my son whom I never thought I would have anywhere outside of my home care. Royal gave me back my life." Darlene Moore






I have been a satisfied client of Royal Care Link since December 2014. As a person with multiple physical disabilities, I greatly appreciate the service I receive from Royal Care Link because it gives me the support I need to complete my everyday tasks and goals in a much more independent way.

My caregivers pick me up from my MSU classes, return me home and assist me with my follow-up class work, which often includes transcribing lecture notes, helping me answer emails, or helping me navigate the web.

They also help me with non-academic activities such as going for
coffee, helping me at the gym and taking me to therapeutic horseback riding.

Royal Care Link has been a very reliable CLS provider for me, and in my personal experience has always been able to help me and provide a caregiver when needed.
- David Shachar-Hill




"Royal Care link is a wonderful care provider that me and my family enjoy using. It gives us the opportunity to have the free time and breaks we need. They also have been wonderful at helping out with many other things. I would highly recommend their service to anyone!" - Dawn Howlett (Mom)